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Best Time for Biking in Nepal & Tibet

People often wonder when the best time for bike tour in Nepal is. Due to diverse altitude, the tropical southern Terai region has hot and humid climate. The mid- land regions are pleasant almost all year although winter mornings and nights are cold. The northern mountain region has alpine climate with lower temperature and thin air in winter.
Basically, Nepal has 4 seasons: Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), Autumn (September- November) and Winter (December-February) and your choice of tour will solely depend upon where to like to travel

  • Spring (Mar-May) - It is the best time to cycle in any altitude of Nepal as the weather remains beautiful and the temperature is moderate.
  • Summer (June-Aug) - This season is good for riding in the high altitudes such as the Mustang area where there is almost no rain. If you enjoy rain and mud, then you can also ride the lower altitudes.
  • Autumn (Sep-Nov) - Generally good for ride the high altitudes
  • Winter (Dec-Feb) – One of the best time to cycle in low altitudes of Nepal as the sky is clear.

Due to very high elevation, Tibet has cool semi-arid climate with frosty winters and mild summer. Though, summer (June-Aug) is widely regarded as the best time to bike to Tibet, some travelers prefer to travel to Tibet in autumn (Sep-Nov) when the landscape of Tibet is at its most colorful time and also not so cloudy while some travelers prefer to travel in spring (April-May) when there is lots of greenery. Hence, what’s the best time to visit Tibet depends upon interests and preferences of the travelers.